Stratford Climate Action is a network of local people, living in and around Stratford-upon-Avon. We work closely – and overlap – with other local groups that are active in trying to increase the social response to the dangers of global warming which will blight our children’s lives, and indeed our own, in the years to come.

We are a local group, rather than a branch of a national campaign. Our aim is to develop local awareness and action about the climate emergency, in as many ways as possible. We support the youth strikes, and seek to build a stronger community movement against climate breakdown. We aim to do this by: 

  • Asking people to take action in their own lives to reduce their carbon use, and to communicate this to their friends and colleagues.
  • Publicising local climate actions and initiatives, and encouraging new ideas.
  • Campaigning for the local council to adopt a climate emergency declaration and plan, to deliver urgent carbon reductions by 2030.