One way of increasing awareness and determination around the issue is to hold a social event—a coffee morning, a lunch, a green drinks—to talk to your friends, neighbours, or social groups about the climate crisis, and what we can do in response to it.

It is easy to feel trapped by climate anxiety: the problem seems overwhelming and as individuals any change we might make might seem a mere drop in the ocean. Yet after the heatwaves of the summer, and the recent reports of the IPCC and other organisations, the majority of people are now worried about global warming. Organising a social event is a great way to discuss your feelings and confront your fears about the issue, and to transform private fears into a collective sense of action. Discuss your hopes and fears, the campaigns that exist—the Youth Strikes, or the wave of councils declaring climate emergencies around the country—or what you might do yourselves. A regular coffee group—once a month, for example—can also provide the encouragement we need to transform our own carbon-guzzling habits.

This would also be another way in which the fight against climate breakdown enables us to build community, and to overcome the feelings of alienation, loneliness, paranoia and distrust which bedevil our society.