1. We recognise our society is in a state of climate emergency, and our aim is to push forward locally measures that are appropriate to raising awareness of this, and responding to it.
  2. We both run our own campaigns, and publicise those run by other organisations, with which we may work closely. Members are encouraged to start or participate in other campaigns or initiatives, and we aim to support such initiatives where we can.
  3. We believe there is no one correct way to fight climate breakdown, but that different approaches can be complementary. We recognise the value of both activism and community campaigning, and seek to bridge these two approaches.
  4. We aim to be an inclusive, non-party-political campaign, but we are not committed to being apolitical, as climate change is inevitably linked to political and economic issues. We believe the shared interest we all have in avoiding climate breakdown can provide a basis for a more friendly conversation on other political issues, and for helping to mend the extreme divisions in our society.
  5. We work with & support private companies, churches, charities, and campaign groups where we think they are taking positive climate action. We are happy to support and work with local eco-businesses.