In 2019, a petition from Stratford Climate Action, which gained 1,000 signatures, was instrumental in leading the District Council to declare a climate emergency. We were able to persuade them to include an aspiration to go carbon neutral by 2030. This has been important in increasing the sense of urgency, though we recognise the council will not be able to make this date without much greater support from the government. The council has committed to pushing government to help it to meet this target.

Soon after, the County Council followed suit. We wrote to support the motion in advance, and again turned up for the day, to add our voice to make sure the declaration passed, and that it would be done on a cross-party basis. Unfortunately we were not able to persuade them to insert a 2030 deadline.

We continue to attend council meetings, lobby the council for quicker, stronger action, to submit collective responses to their consultations, and are working on several proposals to advance the process.

Collecting signatures
Delivering our petition
The day of the emergency declaration
At the County Council offices