Stratford Climate Action is run by local volunteers, but we need funds to develop our future campaign plans. Your membership fees and donations will allow us to do this.

To join Stratford Climate Action, please can you both fill in the form below and set up a Standing Order using the following bank account details. You can do this via internet banking, or in your local branch. Membership fees are £10/yr or £1/yr if you are under 18.

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If you would like, you can also use these details to make a donation. All contributions appreciated!

Tick to confirm that you wish to be a member of Stratford Climate Action and receive information about local campaigns, events and activities relevant to the struggle against climate breakdown. You can cancel at any time by sending us a request by email. Your details will be used strictly for communication for the purposes of campaigning on the issue of climate breakdown. We will not share your details with any third person. Emails are stored in encrypted form by Tutanota.