There are many problems with the local transport system: overcongestion, air pollution, the health issues associated with that and under-exercise. Above all, reducing GHG emissions to zero by 2030 requires a radical transition to our transport systems, with not only electrification of vehicles, but fewer vehicles, more public transport, more walking and busing. What might such a system look like for Stratford-upon-Avon and the surrounding area?

Below is work we have done towards such a vision, together with other local transport groups and local experts. We hope this work can inform the conversation about particular developments, and make sure they are directed towards the common, coherent goal of greenhouse gas neutrality by 2030. This vision is not something we view as final, so if you leave a constructive comment below, there is a chance we will incorporate your suggestions into our ideas.

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  1. Dave Passingham

    Thanks for putting the plan on the website. As one of those involved in developing the plan I can say we see it only as a start. Much more has to be done before we have a transport system in Stratford good enough to encourage the majority of people out of their cars. All comments on the plan are welcome.

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