Climate scientists have indicated just how desperate the situation is, even if the delay between greenhouse gas emissions and global warming means this is not yet fully apparent (at least in Stratford). In response to this situation, campaigners have petitioned local councils to declare a climate emergency, and to commit to drastically cutting their greenhouse gas emissions, most often to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. A number of councils—51 at the time of writing—have done so.

Please sign and share our e-petition asking Stratford District Council to declare a climate emergency too:


Alternatively, download a printable version of our petition, to collect signatures from your friends and neighbours. Getting paper signatures is the best way to spread the word and start conversations, so please do so. Contact us for an address to send your forms to, once you’ve got all the signatures you can.

For background and further information on these campaigns nationally, visit Climate Emergency UK.


To speak of an emergency might be attacked as ‘alarmist’: Jane Morton explains why such talk is necessary in her important pamphlet, ‘Don’t Mention the Emergency’.

The Friends of the Earth briefing, document ’33 actions local authorities can take to deliver carbon pollution
reductions’ is a good introduction to thinking about what Stratford DC could do to respond to the crisis.